Friday, November 28, 2008

Family, Friends, Food and Boys and Their Toys

Our host, hostess, and mom of the host, on her first visit to Germany. OMG... Shirley, the mom is one excited Grandma, and mom. Four little girls to spoil for two weeks, a little bit of travel and shopping are planned.

The Munchkins. I asked them to give me their best silly faces. They complied and then said to stop taking pictures 'cause they were hungry. Something about getting back into the kitchen and finishing the cooking.
The table. It was laden with awesome goodness. I went back for seconds. Spousal Unit had fourths.

Ah... here we have very happy Munchkins. FOOD. The German fest table is just the right size for the Munchkins. Normally the fest tables hold very large mugs of beer. I am really glad the Munchkins didn't ask for the usual.

Oh and lest we forget. The boys must have their toys. I guess the Thanksgiving day game isn't on yet.