Monday, November 3, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure...Curtains

Being a pack rat is sometimes a good thing. I have stored these curtains for the past 16 years never thinking I would ever use them, but now I am.

Lace curtains allow you to see out and not have all the neighbors see into the house. They afford privacy during the day. In Germany you see lace on just about every window.

I went around the house measuring all the windows and found that all the old curtains were use able in this house. Hurray for me I saved some money.

I had been here for a little over a week, with my newly passed my driver's license, when I went out exploring and drove to Kaiserslautern (Largest/closest city in the area) to purchase curtain rods. They are the standard cafe rods with the adhesive stick to the window rod holder.

I came home with my newly purchased rods and put the curtains into the laundry. The best way to prepare lace is to wash it and hang immediately while still damp. No wrinkles that way.

The front door.

The bedroom. I was really clever on this window. I didn't have a pen to mark the tape measure and didn't feel like going downstairs to get one, so I used my eyeliner pencil to mark the measure to get the curtains at the same height. My eyes didn't like it the next morning though.

The kitchen side window.

The kitchen front window.

Oh yeah. My upstairs hallway. Can you say I wasn't happy the next morning? OR the following morning? (NOTE: The rolladens I mentioned in a much earlier post are down for the night.)

For your viewing pleasure. Yet another view.