Monday, November 10, 2008

Heavy On the Booze And Go To Bed

Right now I am brain dead. I am getting so sick. It started coming on early this afternoon.

The nose started running. The sneezing started.

I never sneeze unless I am dusting the furniture. I avoid dusting at all costs unless I have company coming. Because really, dust is a protective covering for furniture and ya gotta take care of your investment.

Or else I am coming down with something. I usually just don't sneeze.

Well this afternoon. I had a sneeze. I didn't think too much of it. I was on my way to the flu shot clinic and trying to find my way. Spousal Unit gave me directions coming from a different direction than where I was and I needed to translate them in reverse. Normally I can do the translations.

Later I was sneezing and sneezing. And my head was filling up. Snot city. I love that visual.

I needed to get to the flu clinic or else I would lose out on getting the shot. Most people here can get the Mist. Me, because I am an old fart, can only get the shot. But the window of opportunity for the shots is very narrow and I do not ever want to get the flu again.

Anyway, it is now early evening, I have had my dinner, I feel like crap, I was successful... I got the shot, and I think the best thing to do is make myself a Hot Toddy. Heavy on the booze and go to bed.