Saturday, November 15, 2008

Boy, Is My Tummie Full And All Is Right With The World

I have returned from the land of the living dead. What ever I had was not pretty. I am not 100% yet but am feeling much better. So much better that Spousal Unit suggested dinner out tonight.

Well that got me off the sofa. The sofa and I were becoming new BFFs and I didn't want to have such a long lasting relationship.

Being hungry and not wanting to go too far away we went to our neighborhood restaurant, up the street. Da Toni Pizzeria. I haven't had any pizza there yet. Why would I want to? Too much other good food to enjoy.

This is Spousal Unit enjoying a beer. Weisenbeer. A wheat beer that he prefers.

Being under the weather for the past week, I chose to eat light. A bowl of Goulash soup.

And a salad.

Spousal Unit, on the other hand decided that he was going to go full tilt boogie and get the scallopini limone with spaghetti and garlic sauce. Don't hold back on the red peppers.

This is our host Toni and Spousal Unit. Boy, is my tummie full and all is right with the world.