Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Love Affair

I stayed with Gal Pal, Tammie, this past weekend. She called me Friday night and wanted me to come stay. I hadn't seen her for several weeks, so I was up for it. We did a catch up on kids and events and life in general.

We decided to do a major shop at the mall the next day and spent several hours putting together an outfit for her for her son's wedding this coming January.

I needed a new purse and found the perfect one as soon as we entered the store. I looked at the price, fainted, picked myself off the floor and looked at the purse again. With this next look, I merely swooned. I put purse back on the shelf.
We continued elsewhere in the store and did the "Tammie" shopping.
Much later we were in the purse area again and the purse was still there. Taunting me, beckoning me towards it. It was the only one of its kind. Normally when I see something that I like, but think better of, I walk away. As I did to the purse.
I made the mistake of going back.

I saw it still on the shelf and took it as a sign. We needed to be together. I was lusting after the purse. I knew true love would follow, but for now, I was still in the lusting stage.

Throwing all caution to the winds, I bought it. Later that night I was about to remove the tags and thought better of it. Know that it was much too expensive.

The next morning I switched purses and put everything into my new love. Everything fit perfectly. It molded to my body. The strap didn't hurt my shoulder like the other yucky purse. The leather is buttery soft. We were meant to be together.

Later that afternoon, Son # 2 called and asked if I could take him clothes shopping. He has a new position and needs some clothes. He is also newly broke because of the international call incident. I'm his Mother. What could I say? I'll take him shopping.

I thought about the purse and our new relationship. The purse would have to be returned. I hadn't used it, yet just loaded it to see if everything fit inside. The tags were still on it.

I went to bed, crying myself to sleep. Purse and I would have to part. The end of a beautiful love affair.

The next morning, I said "NO D@m!t. I am not giving you up. I'll eat mayonnaise sandwiches for the next six months if I have to. I love you."

And I'm worth it.