Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Am Like... Singing From The Mountain Tops

I was able to speak to the Spousal Unit this morning. He called me on the local phone number. It was so awesome. Clear as a bell and we got to keep the local number.

After we got off the phone, a little later I remembered something on my list of updates, that I forgot to have in front of me (DUH), that I forget to mention to him.

I was at work, so I had to dial the 99 to get an outside line. Not knowing just how to dial the phone for a connection, I just dialed the local number to see if it would work. It did.

How awesome is that? (Awesome is still a favorite word) Spousal Unit picked up on the first ring and we got all the STUFF discussed.

I am like... singing from the mountain tops. Not that I can, at the moment, cause I can't see over all the corn that surrounds me.

I may have to talk about the beans later.