Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Boys Going To College-WTF

I was all " get the boy ready for going back to college. I was up for an adventure." I have not calmed down about the experience yet and am still fuming.

The trip up was uneventful enough. Getting used to driving the moving van and using side mirrors were the major concerns for me. We passed a really bad accident involving a tractor trailer that had traffic backed up for miles.

We arrived at the rental company just after noon and paid the rent and chatted for a few minutes with the rental manager.

After that, off we went. The boys were excited about getting into the duplex and setting up their rooms. They are both Juniors and have lots of friends on campus.

The boys went into the duplex while I was parking the truck. They were right back out saying, "Mom that place is really disgusting." I finished parking and went in.

They were right. I'll bet that you can imagine my anger and chagrin on entering the unit. We found a total, nasty, filthy disaster.

The place is really disgusting. I turns out that the cleaning people had been in the place several days before but hadn't finished the cleaning and repairs of the place. They wanted us to accept it in it's current condition.

Wires hanging of the walls in several areas.

Doors busted, door jams broken.

This is the floor in the laundry room. The washer actually worked. I was really surprised. The dryer has no lint catcher cover and no knob for starting it.

I called the management company. I asked them to move the boys into another unit. They claim that that was not possible, since the owner, think SLUM LORD, doesn't have another unit to move the boys into.

I said that wasn't my problem.

He then claimed that I was just being too picky and that I shouldn't view the unit with my standards, but with male college student standards. Can you say that by now I am really, really pissed off? I asked Son #1 to go into town and get me a notebook 'cause the Momma is going to do a real move-in inspection. I needed the extra paper 'cause the form the management company gave me wasn't going to be enough. I also grabbed my camera.

Son #1's on again off again girlfriend showed up with water, pen and paper. She is adorable and I really like her and I chatted for a moment and asked her to go visit with the boys. I couldn't do an inspection and chat at the same time.

Have I ever mentioned that as a part time job I'm a realtor???? I have followed behind lots of whole house inspectors.

Hmm. When was this complex built?? Is that possibly lead based paint flaking?

Oh! That's a lovely layer of grease on the stove hood.

The closet door is stuck in this position, can't move it.

To top everything else off, the last "tenants" had several dogs they kept in the unit. The aroma in the air was less than delightful.

We are now up in the air on how to proceed. The management company has moved the boys temporarily into another unit. We'll see how it proceeds.