Saturday, August 16, 2008

Taking the Boys Back to College

Picked up the truck the other day. The plan was to load the truck on Thursday and then take it up early Friday, the first day they could move in.

Hmm. Something is very familiar about this scenario. Oh yeah, I just did this a couple of months ago. Except, that move was much more extensive.

Don'tcha love the logo on the side of the truck? I hate snakes. Why couldn't I have something cute and cuddly like a kitten or puppy?

That's Mikey back there. One of my "adopted" boys. He and Son #1 have been friends for years. They are also going to be roomies.

At the Momma's direction, they start loading the truck. Smaller stuff up in the loft area. "Yo son #1 PULL YOUR PANTS UP"!

It's really starting to fill up. We had to do a shuffle, shuffle. This is the first moving van move the boys have done and they didn't understand, at first, that we needed to do a tight pack to keep the "Stuff" from shifting on the drive up to college.

We still had these pieces to fit in. And we did't have any of Mikey's stuff loaded.
I have done so many moves in my life, we pulled it off.

Piece of cake.