Thursday, August 28, 2008

My New Home in Germany Will Be Much the Same. But Different.

Staying with Waki Jaki and Jim, I get to see a lot of corn. In fact, once you look past the barn and pasture, that is all you can see. Taking care of the corn requires equipment. So I see lots of tractors too.

My other Gal Pal, Tammy, called a couple of days ago and asked me to come back into town for the Homecoming parade and picnic. Its a tradition that we have kept up for 16 years. Every year we meet at the same corner have a beer or two and watch the parade. This would be the last time to attend for a few years so, ever the traditionalist, I went.

Last year we all commented that it seems that the crowds and the parade itself seems to be shrinking. Usually the parade takes an hour and a half from start to finish. This year it was only 45 minutes.

I also seemed to be transported back to the farm with Waki Jaki and Jim.

A red tractor.
A green tractor.
An orange tractor. Nice sun shade.

I had a grey tractor picture and ended up losing it while trying to add a comment on the blog and couldn't re-insert it. This type of stuff happens to me all the time. Murphy's law kicking in.

Anyway, I seem destined for the farming life, if only to observe it. My new home in Germany will be much the same. But different.