Friday, August 29, 2008

And a Wake Up

I am officially unemployed today.

I went to work as usual to do all the Stuff I didn't get to do yesterday. I collected up all my belongings and stuffed them into the Big Red Truck and left base to go to the main office in town to do my out briefing.

I worked in the main office for five years, so I had yet another round of goodbyes to say.

The out processing took much less time than anticipated, so I was left with an hour to kill before going to my luncheon.

I went and paid for the storage unit and stopped by the ATM at the credit union. Son #2 would be in attendance so I needed money for his lunch.

More people showed up than I anticipated. Work is a training task that had all the trainers out on the road until last evening. Today is also a Family Day so most people have the day off. I was honored and pleased that they all made the effort to attend.

Several people spoke about me in ways that now lead me to believe that I really must walk on water without getting my feet wet. But, all this attention is embarrassing for me. I like to fly under the radar, so to speak. I am not one that wants any of the limelight.

Even so the luncheon was lovely. We laughed, we hugged goodbye, we even did a little crying. I will miss each and everyone of you. Till later. Love you more.