Friday, August 22, 2008

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The boy went back to college. He didn't have any pain meds yesterday, one of the conditions of driving back and so was chomping at the bit to get back with his friends.

The housing situation is still in limbo. The Slum Lord landlord has cashed my check and he isn't fixing a whole bunch of stuff.

I passed the baton to one of the roommate's mothers to take care of the boys, because I just don't have the time to continue this cause. I can only hope that she isn't too busy to take care of them.

I took the younger son shopping to get him some new clothes. I have been after him to get him new clothes for several years. He looked like a bag lady, well a bag man. Now he looks studly.

I took both boys to the grocery store. Several dollars later they have food, so they don't have to eat fast food every night. Hopefully they will start shopping rather than the fast food route.

I only have six more days at work. I am finally feeling like a one digit midget. Military term for someone that is a short timer in a position, transiting into a new life.

That's me I am transitioning to a new life soon.

More adventures to come.