Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Clothes Jumped Out of the Bags

Continued trials and tribulations on the move. I expect that the trials will continue.

My Spousal Unit, my Sweetness arrived safely in Germany. His baggage did not.

As an informational moment, Spousal Unit is a manly man, who believes that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

He had no change of clothes for three days because he didn't follow the, pack an extra change of clothes in your carry on bag rule.

The poor man must have been beside himself. Or smelling himself beside himself. Whatever. Here is his account of the debacle:

When I called on Wednesday night, the Lufthansa agent said that the baggage was turned over to the delivery service, and it should be delivered that night by 2300 (11:00PM) or around 0800 (8:00AM) to Sembach (A nearby Airbase) on Thursday.

I waited for the luggage until 1300 (1PM) on Thursday before I called again. The delivery service hadn't accepted the baggage because they didn't know where Sembach was.

I ended driving up to Frankfurt yesterday afternoon, and I found the bags in the Customs Warehouse.

The clothes jumped out of the bags, in joy to be back with me, and then...jumped back in when they gotta whiff.

I had to shower again before they would let me close to them. We (including people walking by) are happier over the reunion.