Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What I'll Miss

Can you see those cute buns.

Yeah, I know it's a cheap bun shot, but I need something to sustain me in the next few months.

Ya gotta love them.

I know I do.

My almost black Irises.

I bought them almost 16 years ago and they keep coming back and multiplying.

I started with three and now must have close to 50.

Don't forget the spiderwort next to them.

My new landscaping.

I designed it and picked it out last year.

Spousal Unit didn't think it would live through the heat of last Summer and was really surprised how gloriously everything did, coming back.

Nine Bark.

I never saw this before buying last year.

I love this stuff.

It loves to be pruned and it's flowers are beautiful.

My composter.

I was green, before green was cool.

I am really gonna miss my composter. I am so totally organic.

That's part of the problem with my being a pack rat.

I want to find a use for stuff that I don't need anymore, that anyone else can use.

Why throw it out?