Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For a Married Woman, My Social Calendar Is Really Filling Up. With Guys.

Spousal Unit is leaving next Tuesday. On the way to the airport, we will drop off the car for shipment, and then continue to the gate. I get to kiss him goodbye and then see him in the middle of October.

For a married woman, my social calendar is really filling up. With guys.

The floor guy is coming at 7:30 this evening. His son is in an after school activity and will come after that is over.

The counter top guy came Friday night and retook all the measurements and created the templates. I fed his son. We chatted about recent events while clearing off the counters to make the templates. He will be back to install the counter top in a week or so.

The rug guy is coming in two weeks. He is the son of my cleaning lady and the best around.

The fill-in-the-hole-next-to-the-driveway guy will be here when the ground dries out enough.

I still need to contact the paint-the-house guy. I'm scared about contacting him. We have a lot of walls.

The install-the-new-shutters, install-the-new doors, and seal-the-new-tile-floor guy will come when I call.

I hope Spousal Unit is OK with all this.