Saturday, May 3, 2008

An Answer for Kim

A schrank is a freestanding closet. (Of various types.) ( In German there would be two dots over the "a" for proper spelling.)

We know them as armoires in the bedrooms. Wall units in living rooms/family rooms.

In Germany, many homes do not have any closets or cabinets in the kitchen, bedrooms, or hallways.

Many kitchens have "furniture" for kitchen sinks and cabinets. They sit up next to the wall but are not attached to the wall. Being attached would create a room.

A living room schrank is a wall unit that holds the TV, crystal, china, etc.

Homes in Germany are taxed by the number of rooms, not the value of the home. Anything built-in is considered a room. So, attached kitchen cabinets would be considered rooms.

This makes a built-in kitchen and any closets very desireable to Americans living in Germany.

It's a little strange to get used to, coming from the land of massive kitchens and walk-in bedroom closets, but that's OK.