Sunday, May 4, 2008

Please Read

Tonight, I want to put in a word for Kim over at "Parachuting Without A Net." She is just a normal mom, like most of us.

But, she is also a mom that lost two of her babies last year, the day after Thanksgiving.

They were killed in a head-on collision with a State Trooper, who was speeding on the highway to respond to a minor accident several miles away. The Trooper lost control of his cruiser, crossed the median, and hit the car that Kim's two eldest daughters were in.

The Trooper will be standing trial in the near future.

Before even knowing any of the details of the accident, my heart went out to whoever was in that accident. It was truly horrendous.

I then met Kim, through another local blogger. She is a nice lady who has become a blog buddy to me.

Kim is holding a fundraiser to honor her daughters. Please visit her site and help, comment, or donate if you can. The link is below:

She Who