Monday, May 19, 2008

Can You See Me Crying??

My house is labeled.

The labels denote Storage, Ship, or N/A. The N/A label means we can't take it with us or can't store it. Lots of our STUFF falls into the N/A category. Premium olive oil, sambol olek, sherry vinegar.

Can you see me crying??

That is also one of the reasons we had a drink our booze night(s).

No booze ships.

We are arranging the house by shipping or storage.

To save time with the packers we have done a scurry, scurry to put the rooms in "order" by the take or store determination.

This room is a storage room.

It was my library, that is going away for awhile.

I am sad.

This is my living room. It is also going away.

The new house has a family room/dining room combo and will not fit everything.

The furniture is not meant to sit on every day, so we aren't taking it.

I decided to put the linens that we aren't taking on the sofa. They are piled high.

I am a linen freak.

These are most of the linens that we are taking.

Two sets of towels, two sets of sheets for each bed. Blankets, feather comforters, and that's about all.

The cedar chest will double as a coffee table in the studio/attic.

Spousal Unit's favorite chair is in the closet.

It is a yucky yellow velvet, from the 70's, but so, so comfy. It is down filled. I also love this chair.

By creating ship or storage rooms we needed to get a little creative.

I only hope the chair comes out of the closet soon.