Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're Getting a Little Crazy Here

These are the last few days and we are really getting serious about the move.

Son #1 informed me that he was going to the Cards game today and that he had already spoken to his beloved father. If I needed him to do anything, it would need to be in the next few minutes, because he was leaving in an hour.

You ask, how many levels of ballistic did I go???

He didn't understand my incoherent shrieks and luckily Spousal Unit arrived on the scene. What he didn't tell his beloved father was that it was a noon game. Beloved father thought it was a night game.

Son #1 did not attend the game today. Son #1 ended up calling one of his friends, who came over to assist in moving the furniture, that we need to put in temporary storage, for him to move back to school this fall.

Son # 2 arrived on the scene and started moving furniture. He, unfortunately had to go to work early in the afternoon. His room is now void of furniture, but the STUFF remains. I had to ask Spousal Unit what it was like. I still won't check his room. I'd have a coronary.

I have all the figurines and collectibles boxed up. I have all the artwork/wall stuff inventoried. My baskets and salt glaze pottery are set aside.

The linens that we are taking are packed and in the blanket chest and cedar chest.

My goal tomorrow is to have all rooms, set aside, as totally storage or shipping. This allows for less direction we must give to the packers.

Monday night, after work, I guess the last thing to do is inventory all my undies and socks.