Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Dumpster Gives Me Freedom

The movers are here. I am not ready. I hoped I would be, but am not. I guess a pack rat never is.
They showed up bright and early at 7:00AM. But, when they showed up I was already exhausted. I was up at 3:30 because of my nervousness about all the STUFF left undone.

I did a major scurry, scurry to attempt to accomplish more.

I was semi-successful.

Third Party Contracted Guys.

Around noon, these guys showed up. They were supposed to do all the breakdown, take apart stuff. When I met them I was not impressed. Their work ethic and behavior were lacking. I didn't even want to take their pictures. No more on this subject.

I cleaned up all my flower pots. They go to storage. Most of the STUFF is going to storage.

This is my dumpster. I love my dumpster. My dumpster gives me freedom. Freedom from some of my STUFF.