Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YIKES!!!! Maybe a Little Scary Thing Going on Here

Hey, GL! (That's me. He calls me Good Looking, when he is being informal. The formal is, She Who). *

I looked at a couple of houses today. One house was in Siegelbach, but it was on the main street.

(He loves to do the view from the street thingee).*

The owner renovates old houses, and he does an excellent job. (Just like my Spousal Unit, a manly man.)* I told him that I didn't like the location, (Can't have a main street, people might talk about those crazy Americans)* and he offered another house in a village about 15 km from the base.

The house is in Sulzbachtal. It sits on the side of a hill, but it does not have a large yard. It has a double car garage (cars are in line), and 3 parking spots (2 on the street and one behind the house).

As you enter the house, there is a guest toilet (half bath) on the left and a small storage room on the right. You are basically in the stairwell.

(Please take a close look at the stairs pictures because I don't know if you will find these acceptable.)

[Doesn't look too scary, I like windy stairs. And, when I dust them (Yeah, right) I just push all the dirt down in-between.]*

(YIKES!!!! maybe a little scary thing going on here).*

You continue into the living/dining room. ( What no more pictures? Ya gotta be kidding me).* It is a good size, but our furniture would probably not fit. (If the STUFF won't fit, why are we having this conversation other than you really, really like the house and location).*

Outside the living/dining room, there is a small flower garden and a grilling patio set against the hillside. There are brick steps to a couple of apple trees about 7' higher on the hill. There is room for a small garden by the trees. (The landlord's mother lives across the street, and she offered to let us use part of her garden [about the size of our large garden]).

The kitchen is a pass-through with the sink on one side and the working area on the other side. (Where are the kitchen pictures)????* There is a pantry (with open shelves) about 9' wide and 4' deep. (Pantries are good. Must buy more STUFF).*

The second floor consists of a full bath and a 3/4 bath. There are 2 small rooms and 1 larger room.

The third floor consists of a "game room and a party room." I wish there was a bathroom there because that would be the master bedroom.

The basement has a laundry room (with a storage room adjacent), a very large room (suitable for a gym), a 3/4 bath, another storage room, and an exit to the street. Without the exit, I would make this the master bedroom and use the storage room as a walk-in closet.

Initially, the landlord put the rent at !!!!*, but he lowered it to ????*. It is an energy-efficient house with thick walls and windows. It has floor heat which is electric. The landlord claims that we would not need it much because of the design.

The house looks great, but I am concerned about the furniture fitting and the stairs. I think that you might have problems with the stairs (I told the landlord that you have leg problems) ( I don't have leg problems, I broke my ankle several years back and it didn't heal correctly because the doctors screwed up. That is another story in it's self).* because they are winding and steep.

Please look, and let me know, so I can call him back to thank him or take measurements. I was slightly embarrassed because the batteries died after about 5 pictures. He lent me batteries, but they lasted only 3 pictures. He gave me another set which lasted the rest of the way.

Yes, I got replacement batteries on the way back.

I saw (two of my coworkers-both reprobates)* yesterday. Now I know who (one of the reprobates)* is. I don't ever remember being introduced at the Dirty Penny (an outdoor bar on the Vegas Strip, where we all went, for another coworkers wedding last April).* Everyone assumed we knew each other after that.

I got a replacement card reader, and it works just fine. It has 5 ports that accommodate 6 different media. (I'm cookin' now.) Sometimes I gotta wonder about the Geek I married.*

Love you bunches,

S (As in Spousal Unit)*

*She Who edits