Saturday, April 19, 2008

Emotion: A Little Scared

This morning I woke, as the house shook about me. What woke me, in a dreamland state, was the bedroom doors shaking and the dresser pulls rattling. What really jarred me into a full "I'm awake, I don't need any coffee to get me moving mode" was the bed and house shaking like a cheap hotel vibrator bed. I could feel the the whole house moving and shaking.

Hmm, whatever could be occurring? Earthquake? Mine Subsidence? I live in the Midwest. We're not supposed to have earthquakes. Tornadoes, yes. In this area Mine Subsidence can't be ruled out. Not earthquakes. Yup, it's an earthquake.

The aftershock didn't help much either.

Spousal Unit got home today. I am glad. I need his comfort.