Friday, April 25, 2008

I Am Really Fighting the Urge to Plant Some Petunias

The house is coming together. The house is torn up. The house is torn up.

The work being done is awesome. The house is torn up. Take a deep breath. I'll deal.

Just spoke to the insurance company....

No, they will not insure us because now, they consider us a business.

They will only insure us as a primary home, plus one. This house will not be our primary residence, hence no insurance. When we moved into this house I didn't want to sell the house we moved from. So I talked Spousal Unit into renting that house. This choice has been a good arrangement for us. It is helping to build our retirement fund. It is not always easy being a landlord, but it has worked.

So, I called a couple of insurance companies today and am waiting for quotes. I'm hoping one of my gal pals comes back with a good quote. Wouldn't mind helping her out.

I also called DirectTv and requested that our service be disconnected on the 20th of May. The movers are showing up the next day and I don't want the TIVO to be packed. Movers tend to not think about stuff like. (I had my full garbage can packed once) My new BFF, Christie, assured me that my last bill will be pro-rated and DirectTv will stop billing (pulling directly from my checking account) me after May. We'll see.

OH, one little detail I thought you might want to know. My house is torn up and I have a toilet on my front porch. I am really fighting the urge to plant some petunias in it.

Are we there yet?