Saturday, April 5, 2008

These Things Never Happen When He Is Home

Well.... Where do I start?

The Dreaded Basement Revisited:

The Cuz and I really got a major handle on the Dreaded Basement today.

The main room has been sorted by Keep and Take, Keep and Store, Freecycle, and Trash.

I have two more rooms that need to be sorted, but one is really only empty boxes that the STUFF came in and the STUFF will go back into. The other room is mainly Spousal Unit's Man's Land. He has work benches and all his tools. I have a couple of shelves of STUFF that I know will be Freecycled.

Bozo Came to Visit:

Vanity, thy name is Woman. I had a lot of grey and figured that I would color my grey. Cuz wanted to do her hair also so we had a girl bonding evening after dinner last night. We colored our hair.

I called around this morning to several beauty salons. I feel the need to visit one, now. No one could take me today and I can't go out in public.

Please see the Cuz's comments from last night. I did indeed use an expletive or two. It ain't pretty. I am two-toned. On the box it said Auburn Brown. My Mother was a fire engine red head. Most of my life I have had red highlights. I don't mind red. Not really. Until now.

What I do mind, is that I also now have a dual personality on my head. Bozo the clown on the scalp for about two inches out and burgundy wine everywhere else.

I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

The person on the other end of the phone said to expect at least a three hour "pampering session." I also anticipate that I will need to cut my hair short again. It is now in the middle of my back when wet and it shrinks up about 3-4" when dry. Did I ever mention that I have naturally curly hair? I couldn't get a wide toothed comb through it today even with major conditioner in it.

As much as I love him, I have determined that this is all Spousal Unit's fault. He is out of town visiting his parents and these things never happen when he is home.