Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Free Sale

I held a Free Sale today. A Free Sale is a yard sale that people attend, to acquire new stuff (to them) and get to leave their money at home.

I advertised the Free Sale on my FreeCycle network Thursday evening and had over 100 responses. I answered many of them before 'pulling the plug' and reposting that I had too many responses to be able to answer anymore.

Spousal Unit got home from a week long trip yesterday evening and was greeted with a "Hi Honey, I really, really love you and by the way we're having a Free Sale tomorrow. 8-12 rain or shine. No, I haven't organized anything yet, but everything is in place in the garage. We just need to shuffle some of the STUFF around and make it a little more viewer friendly. Hide all the STUFF that we are keeping and have refreshments for our guests. Piece of cake."

Not really true on the refreshment comment. (Though I did run out to Subway @ 10:00am to get him a sandwich because I was hungry so that counts. Right??)

True to form, the way life is going lately it rained most of the morning.

I does my heart glad that the people that showed up were really nice. No one seemed to be greedy and want to take all the stuff. One lady was nice enough to offer a donation. I told her that I just needed to get rid of things because we were moving and if she wanted to make a donation to do so to a local charity.

Much of the STUFF is gone, but too much remains. I believe the Yucky weather had much to do with the poor turnout, but what happened to the other 57 people I emailed back that were begging for my Free STUFF??

I guess I get to do this again, in a couple of weeks, and get to meet some more nice people.