Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In All My Rose Colored Glasses Glory

I just reconnected with a friend from High School. Yeah, High School for me was, back in the Ice Ages. Anyway, I sent a message Saturday night through Classmate.com to one of my Gal Pals, and she answered me back. This is totally Awesome... remember, one of my "favoritested" words.

She talked to me, and I got to talk to her, and it is great. We lost touch with each other after the Ice Ages ended, and just got on with life, as one tends to do. I am at an age now where I reminisce a little, about people I cared about, way back then, and wanted to reconnect.

We, my class, and several others are scheduling a Mega Class Reunion for all those 70's folks and I originally was going to attend, in all my rose colored glasses glory. Because of the move, I am now not able to see all those crazy people, probably now, solid respectable citizens, and be able to Hint, Hint, tweak them.