Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guess Who's Back in Germany?

Spousal Unit??? Yes, that's the correct answer. Keep reading for the latest installment of our move to Germany.

I am here. It was a trial getting through IAD (Dulles Airport*). The plane was late into STL (St Louis*), and we had to circle for weather going into IAD. I had 20 minutes to catch the next flight. I made it,...and then we held for lightning (45 minutes). I sat between 2 armrest hogs. (Bad armrest hogs.*)

I'm doing pretty good for being up 25 hours. I am staying on the opposite side of the room from the rack monster. (In other words, he is tired and staying away from the bed 'cause he still needs to do some work. The rack monster is sneeky and will grab him and throw him into bed*).

I am in a "standard room" in the "historical" part of the hotel. Stefan informed me that this part is 300 years old. I recall that someone warned you about this section (Very noisy from the street noise*), but it is about the same size as the "suite". It has all the amenities of the suite. I guess we'll see how quiet it is. Obviously, that won't affect me tonight.

As I was unpacking, I remembered what I forgot: the cable to connect the camera with the laptop. Please inform me of what I need to procure, and I will do so (hopefully tomorrow). (See how the man is??? He will do anything to get out of sending me pictures of the houses he is looking at.*)

On the way in, I drove through Alsenbach. It is just south of Sembach. It is about 20 minutes from the east gate. There is about 2 km of 2 lane road, and the rest of the drive is autobahn. I will try to see the property this week.

I'll close now. I have to get some Fanta (Great orange soda*)for the morning, and maybe a beer for tonight.

Love you bunches,


* She who edits