Friday, April 4, 2008

The "Cuz" Got Here

I picked up Cousin Kathy at the airport yesterday morning.

I took three days off work for her visit and she is staying until late Sunday morning.

Cuz wanted to bring a special bottle of wine with her that she really likes. She is not, a recently seasoned traveler, and didn't realize that liquids in hand-carried bags are limited. I told her to pack the wine in her suitcase and check the luggage. She did.

We did a little clearing out of STUFF, after a little shopping for portable clothes hanger upper garment racks. Got the clothes out of the dining room and living room. More organized for giving away. We also both bought secret stuff.

We visited last night and all had a little Special Juice to enjoy the moment. Spousal Unit was home also, so we all got to visit and get caught up and had a nice dinner. I thought pork steaks would be a treat for her, since it is a local speciality not found in other parts of the country. They were a hit.

Today we stayed on the main floors and did more clean outs. The progress is amazing. I may have to keep her.

Spousal Unit left this morning to visit his parents prior to his final leaving. I got several goodbye kisses. I think he needed the extra kisses for luck. One of his parents is great with the move and the other is starting to put up emotional roadblocks.

Anyway Cuz and I are putting together a dinner of Five cheese fondue, tossed mixed salad, Boiled Cajun shrimp and Special Juice.

I really need the Special Juice right now. The secret stuff is...we're dying our hair tonight. Let's just keep this our little secret. Girl stuff. You know what I mean.