Monday, April 27, 2009

Did I Ever Mention That I Love Spring?

We had a really nice and uneventful weekend.

We went to the farmer's market this Saturday. I found some lovely cheese, some really nice strawberries (that have been turned into really yummy freezer jam), fresh cilantro plants for my garden, and the famous white asparagus.

After the farmer's market, Spousal Unit made the mistake of wanting to go to the base to shop for a replacement printer cartridge. He didn't realise it would be a mistake. Poor man. The store is a Hodgepodge of everything. Toys, electrical equipment, electronics, fitness, and GARDEN. Guess which department I am interested in? Toys??

Bleeeep. Wrong answer.

The GARDEN Department. Flowers. Tomato Cages. Pots. Bamboo Poles. Fertilizer. Compost Activator. Hoes. Cultivators. Veggie Plants. Weed Whackers. Yup, we bought them all.

Well, the weed whacker is for the Spousal Unit. I declared that I wasn't getting on my hands and knees to do the trimming and our current weed whacker is very intermittent.

So Saturday afternoon, I spent many hours getting the plants into the ground and into pots. They look great and are also adjusting to their new environment.

Did I ever mention that I love Spring?