Tuesday, April 21, 2009

After Dinner Schnapps

Spousal Unit made it back safely. Yeah I already told you about that trauma I went through getting him back home. Well, we went out to dinner the other night. At Da Toni's. Our current favorite restaurant. It also helps that we have a really good restaurant just up the street.

Both Spousal Unit and I were in the mood for pasta. The schnitzels are awesome, but sometimes we want something a little less. The schnitzels are huge, so we thought we were ordering something less. WRONG. The pasta is also huge.

Spousal Unit ordered the spaghetti Ala Forno. Not really sure what that is, but it sounded good. It is a tomato based sauce with lots of cheese and baked in the oven. Also a hard boiled egg is in there somewhere. Ya gotta eat it to appreciate it. I had the green, spinach noodles Ala Forno but I stirred them up before I thought to take a picture. Bad me, it looked a little funky when I took the picture, but tasted to die for.

The pasta was OMG, enough for three people.

Being Spousal Unit, he was up for the challenge. He finished his plate. Yeah, a new member of the clean plate club. He needs to walk a couple of more miles every day. Tee Hee.

Oh, the salads are also to die for. This is what our salad plates always look like after we eat them. He did slurp the sauce up again. I may need to chastise him. That is not public behavior!
Da Toni came by after we asked for the bill and sat down with us. He extolled us with the story that his parents were visiting from Italy and his Mother in law was giving him grief about having a couple of beers after the restaurant closed for the night. He said that he doesn't drink during working hours and can't a man have some down time? I think he's right.
Ya gotta love him. Oh, he also makes sure we always have an after dinner schnapps to send us home. A digestive, to make sure that the dinner settles correctly.