Monday, April 6, 2009

Ya Gotta Live And Learn

I love bedeviling the Spousal Unit. I finished up the laundry and went outside to watch him finish the garden for me. (Gratuitous bun shot.)

As I mentioned to you a little while back, he tilled the soil and then, unfortunately, it rained. I really didn't want him to play in the mud, to finish off the garden, so we had to wait several days for the soil to dry out.
Our neighbor, Frank, gave me the idea to brick the outside of the garden. It creates a boundary for the grass, and with the brick at grass/soil level, it will be easy enough to mow and keep trimmed. Spousal Unit likes this idea, even though it cost a little more. Frank also has the "cinder" blocks at the back of the garden. That's where I am going to put my herbs.

Spousal Unit is getting rather good at household chores. When I first married him he thought a screwdriver was vodka and orange juice. He has learned a whole new vocabulary since he married me. 30 years ago. Woo hoo.

This is a picture of me watching Spousal Unit working. That's my knee. I am taking high speed photos of the man while he toils for me. I love it when he toils for me.
Curses. Foiled again. He spotted me taking his picture numerous times. He has the start of a grin and is threatening to either break my new camera or throw a brick at me. I know he won't do either, but I play along and take more pictures while laughing.
The man should have been an engineer. I throw projects at him and he finds a way to make them work. We both decided that when we come back to the states, we will brick around my garden there. We also determined that a bed of sand would have made the brick laying easier. Ya gotta live and learn.