Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things I Miss

I am rather melancholy this evening. Spousal Unit is back in the States again and I am here by myself for the next few days. I was looking through a few of my photos and came up with these. A few things I really miss.
OMG were we ever so young? I miss my youth sometimes. I was a crazy teenager and gave my parent a lot of grief. They were young, I was young. We both grew up. I miss my parents.

Me, Dad, Reenie, Mom, and Chellie.

Mom and Mr. Steve. Mr. Steve is my step dad. I really like him and still keep in touch even though Mom has been gone for over 5 years now.

My Dirty Rotten Aunt Joyce. A pet name. She calls me a Dirty Rotten Kid and loving her the way I do, its right back at her. She is holding her great grandson. My cousin's grandson. I have been away too long. I forget his name. He is adorable and a handful. That is a family tradition. We are all handfuls.
I miss my boys. Yes, they are also handfuls. But, I still miss them.


Alex. In birth order. Not to confuse who I love more.

And, on a couple of lighter notes. I really miss my friends. Tammy and Timmie. I spend a lot of time with them this past Summer. How they put up with me, I don't know. But, I now have a Nellie bedroom when I come back home. I think. And.... I can look forward to their hot tub.

I also miss Destin. I love walking in the surf and falling asleep to the sound of the waves.