Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They Think Of Everything

Easter Sunday prior to dinner I wanted to go for my Sunday walk around the Ohmbachsee. I have come to value the walk, along with the time I get to spend with the Spousal Unit. I am enjoying my enhanced activities more and more. While I am not as fit as I would like, I am working on reaching my goal. It also helps when I get to look at views such as this.

The past week the landscape has just popped into Spring. Everything is blooming. I sooooo love Spring. It is a true rebirth.

The Germans, like the Dutch love flowers. Ever where I look Spring bulbs are in bloom. This is a field of daffodils. Spousal Unit wanted me to get a picture of the rogue daffodils that didn't stay within their color areas. I didn't want to trample the flowers to get a good picture of the rogues. If you look close you can see some of the yellow flowers mixed in with the white flowers. I say that's the way life is. A good mixture is best.

A closer look at the blooms.

And here they are just in your face. Did I mention I love Spring?

Oh, and because Spousal Unit loves me so much, he let me buy him a beer, halfway through our walk. Just to cool me down, of course. Ya gotta love the Germans. They think of everything. Putting a beer garden next to a lake, to let you appreciate all the good things in life.