Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Claudia, My Whole Life Friend

A gal pal commented on my Facebook page, in a very sarcastic manner, that poor me was having the time of my life.  Yeah, yeah.  Living in Europe is a laugh a minute.  Actually many times and most of the time it is really awesome. I do love living in Europe.

But the reality of living here is blurred by other people's ideas.  I live here just like I would live at home in the states.  The week goes by and then the weekend arrives.  But in the states a job is a lot easier to come by.  So my reality is that I do not work at the moment.  I do not have any children to care for.  I am bored with my life most days. 

Since I do not have the boys here there is little for me to do during the day.  I no longer have the mountains of laundry to do.  There is only so much I am able to clean.  I could probably dust a little more often, but I have always felt that dust is a protective covering for the furniture.  I am not going to change that feeling anytime soon.

Yes, I play Suzy Homemaker for the Spousal Unit, but he is starting to gain some weight so I need to back off the cooking a little bit.  Though some banana bread sounds pretty good at the moment.

The weekends are great.  Spousal Unit and I try to do something every weekend.  It may only be a walk around the lake in town or a drive around the area.    We get out and we are together.

So Claudia, my whole life friend, yes, I am enjoying my life living in Europe.  But... I am ready for the Sabbatical from work to end.