Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Are The Ancients

One of the things I do to pass my time is to monitor a local chat room populated, for the most part, by local SAHMs. These are people that don't get out too much for various reasons. I have met some of the people on the site and they are nice gals. But.... they are soooooo young, with young children. As I said very nice, but I am at a different place in my life now. I do not have young children. I enjoy time with them, but they are not able to get out for adult time often.

Well the young gals schedule play groups at different parks and places for their children to get out and for them to have some grownup talk. I think this is great for them. It is not for me. So when one of the ladies mentioned that she is so Old I jumped on the bandwagon and mentioned that we need a play group for grown ups. Hence the Ancients. We scheduled a date and it was held this morning.

We got together for coffee a Laja's (Pronounced Lia -with a long I) house this morning. TabbyCat was riding with me and got a little behind on time because of traffic, construction, and that her GPS tried to send her down several cow paths. (Being from Georgia, TabbyCat thought that any path that is paved is a true road. Where she's from none of the roads are paved. So she was a little disoriented getting here.) Well she finally made it but was just a tad late.

I was ready for her when she got here and we just hopped into the van and took off for the coffee. I wanted to stop to pick up some flowers to give to Laja as a thank you for inviting us; we really appreciate the chance to finally get together; and it's just a nice thing to do, so I stopped at the gas station on the way and found a really pretty bouquet. It was a little disconcerting at first because it seemed that every bouquet had some red roses in it. Red roses are a no no. Red roses are for lovers. While I had met Laja the day before and think she is a hoot, and really like her, we are not lovers. Ah, then I found a perfect bouquet. Pinks and yellows. Just right for a Spring day. I purchased them and off we went again.

We arrived a little after 10:30 am. I called to let her know we were going to be a few minutes late. Laja is German and in Germany it is considered rude to arrive late. And, I do not like to appear as rude. She said, no problem since one of the other gals was lost. She would be outside to guide us all in.

We all arrived at the same time and introduced ourselves around.

Allison, Laja, She Who, and TabbyCat.
It turns out that I had met Allison several months ago at another friends house. I didn't remember at first and then the memory flooded back. Us old people have that problem from time to time, so forgive me.

TabbyCat took this picture before she figured out how to take a delayed photo. Its my camera, but she had to figure out the function. I just wish she showed me how to do it too.

I can't remember a time I had so much fun. We laughed and told stories for hours. Its like we collectively looked at the time and gasped..... had four hours passed so quickly????? Well yes it had. That's how much fun we had.
We plan on doing this again. Soon. I also hope that the other gals that wanted to join us this morning can make it next time. But for now:
We are the "Ancients."