Monday, May 4, 2009

I Did Mention That It Is My Only Vice?

I missed my nail appointment today. My only vice. Really, my only vice. At least the only vice I admit to. Tee Hee. Really bad form on my part. I needed the nail appointment. Stat.

The gal that does my nails had been visiting in the States for several weeks and I have been nursing them along for too many days.

And I missed it today. It was not my normal time and I didn't write it down and I really screwed up. I finally got her on the phone and I had 20 minutes to get there and it is a 35 minute drive. Even with Autobahn speeds I couldn't have gotten there.

Yuck. I have to rearrange my day tomorrow to get the nails done. I did mention that it is my only vice?

I am so lame.