Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well we ended up not going to Trier yesterday.

I got up early and started to research Paris and hotels an the ICE train and got lost in the details.

I kept going round and round with the Germany trains website. It wouldn't let me book seats on the train to Paris. Thinking that maybe the seat were all sold out I check other days. Nope. No luck there. So I requested seats a month from now. Same results of not being able to purchase seats.

Feeling really frustrated I called Spousal Unit and got his voice mail. I left a detailed message of all my frustrations and hoped he would get back to me soon.

I looked at the time and realized that going to Trier for the day was outta there. It was 10:30 and "Rent a Kid" was still in bed. I also wanted to get Paris all lined up. Time was running out for securing reservations. Paris is the only thing the Kid wanted to do while here. So I got her up. Told her to get dressed to go to base.

Well in the end we got the ICE train tickets and a hotel reservation and are going to Paris.

More to follow.