Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Asked Her If It Would Be A Raspberry Beret

So I am packing to go to Paris.

The "Rent a Kid" is so excited she is shaking.

We have our tickets booked and paid for the ICE (a very fast train to get us to Paris in 2 hours versus a 5/6 hour drive.) train and our hotel. The hotel is very near the Eiffel tower. Just off the METRO line. Most places in Paris are just off the METRO line. Gotta love living in a city with a METRO.

Our planned agenda include the Louve, Notre Dame, the Eiffel tower, Monmartra, and the Left Bank.

We will be in the heart of Paris so everything is just in walking distance.

The kid wants to buy a beret. I asked her if it would be a Raspberry beret. She said what?

Not a clue. I guess I am just old. I couldn't even find a Prince Youtube vidio to show it to her.