Friday, May 22, 2009

Paris Part I

When I invited the "Rent a Kid" over for a visit I wasn't sure what would occur. I have known here since she was 4 and had spent a lot of time with her this past Summer, but... Ya don't know a person until ya live with them. Ya know what I mean?

She would be living with me, as my guest. Not me with her as her guest. Actually I was a guest of her Mother and Father, but we shared a bathroom so in a way I was her guest. Right?

Well we have done a lot of stuff in the past several days. I will back track on those days in a bit. I am just so excited about the time spent in Paris, I just want to skip ahead a wee bit.

I decided to take the train to Paris. Not just any train. The ICE train. The ICE mean Intercity Express. Back in the olden days, when we were here before that was a train that didn't stop at all the town between here and there. Now-a-days that means fast. Really fast.

My "Rent a Kid" getting comfy on the train. We're just getting started.

This is "Rent a Kid" when she realizes that we are now going 319 KPH. That translates to 196.5 MPH. Wee, just like a roller coaster, but flat and fast.

We're in the hotel room now and she needs to relax. Actually I need to relax. She walked me for miles. We bought unlimited METRO tickets for the time we were in the city, but she wanted to savor the flavor of Paris. So for the majority of the day we walked.

Right next to her bed is mine. I really want to be in it right now. I am a tired She Who.

More tomorrow.