Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She Made Major Eye Contact Yesterday

Email to my "Rent a Kid's" mother. Being a mother she worries. Being a mother that hasn't really done a whole bunch of traveling she really worries. Guess what, I'm her other mother. Like I don't worry too?

Hey Kiddo,

I have your baby. I was a meanie yesterday and kept her up till 7:30 so she could adjust to the time change quickly. We had a nice drive home from the airport and after unloading the car went exploring for a bit. I took her to a couple of stores and showed her a little of the area. She now has a new "crack" ..... German Fanta soda. It is totally different than the American Fanta. Not as sweet.

I got her up at 10:00 this morning and she is good to go.

We went out and about again today. I took her to lunch at a favorite restaurant next town over. She had salad and pizza and enjoyed it. Then we went to Ramstein and the Asian market and took some pictures around the town. Then we hopped back in the van to get some money exchanged and to the commissary for dinner meat and then to the BX. Looking for souvenirs and stuff. She bought a silk kimono robe and bib type thingee. Beautiful pattern and fabric.

Drove home and I put together dinner and we are both cyberspacing right now. She to you and Grandma Martie and friends. Me to you.

We plan on spending the day in Trier tomorrow. Trier is a beautiful medium sized city. Its claim to fame is that it is the oldest Roman city in Germany. The Roman gates are still there and the town square is also gorgeous. Will have a nice lunch and then come home.

We haven't found her an American GI that is cute in a uniform yet. Though she made major eye contact yesterday. Tee Hee.

Love ya and talk to you soon.

She Who