Monday, February 9, 2009

I Scored. Again?

Today has been periods of hectic moments and then blocks of time that I just sit and wait for an email to come in.

I have successfully avoided the dusting of the furniture and the dust bunnies are alive and well and doing what all bunnies do best...multiplying. My housecleaning skills, at times are like a fine wines. Only ageing will tell the outcome.

Part of my hectic moments came from me sleeping several hours after I normally rise in the morning. I usually get up at 5:00-5:30. Why you ask? Cause that's when I wake up and can't usually fall back to sleep. Well, this morning I didn't wake up till almost 8:00 and it screwed up my whole morning.

I like to get up and go downstairs to have a glass of orange juice while waiting for the water to boil for my coffee. I make my coffee in one of the Melitta pots, where you pour boiling water over the coffee grounds and it trickles into a glass pot. It is a very strong, full flavored coffee, with no frills attached. In this sense I am a major coffee snob. I grind my beans every morning and then do the water bath thingee.

All while this is occurring I usually start to read my morning paper. After the news I work the crossword, Cryptoquip, and Word Scramble. This is my routine and I have kept this routine for many, many years. I may be up early in the morning, but I can't really be considered to be part of the human race at that time.

So this morning, because I slept late, I couldn't do much more than brew the coffee to drink after my shower and while fixing hair and makeup stuff. True, I came upstairs to check my email. In my inbox was a message from a garage sale site about a 22o volt treadmill for sale. Only 175.00. Holy crap Batman, can you say I jumped on it and emailed back, pick me, pick me, ooh ooh, pick me.

I had just started into the conversation about information on the treadmill. On these sites, and in the stores on base, if you see something you need, buy it then or it is gone. (too many people and not enough merchandise.) Then had to tell the gal that I had to leave.

This usually means death to a purchase on these sites. But I made a promise that I had to keep.

I had to hurry to get out the door to go pick up gal pal, Heather for her dental appointment. She had a tooth extracted and originally thought she could drive herself there and home. Wrong! What if she had a bad reaction to the Novocaine? So had I volunteered to take her last week to the appointment. Just in case, after the appointment, I stopped at the ATM to pick up the cash for the treadmill.

I delivered Heather to her door, gave her some "Motherly" advice, promised to make her some homemade chicken broth, and hightailed it home to see if there were any further correspondence from the treadmill lady.

Nope, no messages.

So being the productive person that I am lately, I played Spider Solitaire, I cruised the net, and played more solitaire. I was about to give up waiting and really do something productive like water my plants when the email came in. She picked me.

She gave me her address, I Google Mapped and came up with nothing. A little thing like that wasn't going to stop the "She Who." I got in the van and headed off for a town that I had no clue where it was. I live on top of a very big hill, small mountain. She is located in a town in the valley. Beautiful scenery on the way. Very scary roads down the mountain.

I made it.

We girl-handled the treadmill into the back of the van, I gave her the money. We talked about people we knew in common. I left.

Can you say? I scored. Again?