Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brussels, Belgium Part II

Just outside of our hotel, down the street there is a small church. The plaque on the outside stated that the church had been built and rebuilt many times. It is a mixture of very old, old, and new. I found it really interesting that this wood carving is still on the door of the church. We visited the Brussels Museum and saw many of this type of carving. I am surprised that this artwork is allowed to "Brave the Elements."

On this day we went strolling to go see a fountain. On the way there we ran across this scene.

Street statues are every where. This is a statue and a street performer mimicking the statue. If he had stayed still I really would have thought it was two versions of the same man. Oh, by the way that is a representation of Vincent van Gogh.
He was really pissed that I took pictures and didn't feed his box of money. I would have donated if I had my picture taken with him. But I did not.

This is the little fountain of Manniken Piss. I had always wanted to see this fountain. When the guide book said that it was a small fountain tucked away on a little side street, they weren't kidding. You can pass it by with out even knowing it is there. If it wasn't for the crowds and tourists taking pictures.

I think Mannikin Piss is just like Paris Hilton. Famous for being famous. I read that he probably has more outfits than she does though. There is a whole wing in a museum devoted to his clothing.

They also do him in chocolate. Letter openers, bottle and wine openers. Just about anything can become a Mannikin Piss. I passed on the chocolate.