Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brussels, Belgium Part III

Food. Did I mention the food????? OMG I was in heaven. There seems to be a restaurant every few steps. Right outside of the back door to the hotel, not 30 steps away is an Italian place. Starched linens, attentive waiters, good prices and last but not least, really good food.

I started with some wine. All I asked for was some really, really dry white wine. I prefer that the wine is "Sahara Desert" dry. It was. Really good.

Spousal Unit found a beer that he really liked. Leffe. I took a sip and it is really good, but I'm in a wine mode at the moment. That didn't stop him from helping me drink the half carafe though.

For appetizers the waiter automatically put a small bowl of mixed olives and bread on the table. Yummy.

I started with the mixed salad. Huge!!! I ate everything on the plate and then went back with the bread and sopped up the sauce (dressing).

Spousal Unit had the veal and pasta. He didn't have much to say most of the time after his dinner arrived. Just a glazed look on his face. I think I detected a mood of Ecstasy. Hmmm. Maybe I should be a little jealous???

When my dinner arrived, I understood his lust. I dove right in and forgot to take a picture of the presentation. I haven't had shrimp this good since we visited Greece many, many years ago. Well, at least I got a picture before I devoured the whole plate.

I can't say enough about the food/dining experience we enjoyed. This is one of the main reasons for our wanting to return to Europe. It sure beats sitting in a waiting area of a local chain restaurant with a vibrator/buzzer in my pocket.