Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Scored Again

Its just a lazy Sunday afternoon and I am avoiding the dusting and vacuuming still. I was supposed to go to one of those hostess parties this afternoon, but backed out. I really don't need to buy anything and I so... don't want to buy anything either. I only agreed to go because one of the hostesses is my gal pal, Heather.

Well, Heather was up all night with her youngest, who just cut two teeth. A very unhappy baby at the moment. Her next youngest has the creeping crud and managed to ruin everyone's lunch. I won't go any further with those descriptions. Let us just say that Heather isn't hostessing the party this afternoon. She is staying home with several fussy girls instead.

So I decided to stay home too.

Spousal Unit thinks he is surprising me by making Baklava. He makes the best I have ever eaten. That includes the bakalava I had in Greece, several years back. He usually makes it over the holidays, but didn't this year because of the boys visits.

I scored another Free cycle deal this morning. A book, really a travel guide, written by ladies living here. It has a little about life in various areas of Europe based on personal recommendations. Shopping, hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing. I found out about it several days ago and so went looking for one. It is sold out every where. I finally looked online and saw an out-of-date one for 35.00. It didn't cost that much when new!!

Now a little thing like that isn't going to get me down. It makes my OCD nature come out. I just posted a message on the Free cycle network requesting a copy if anyone was moving back to the States and wouldn't need it anymore. I got several responses and met up with one of the ladies this morning. She also seems to be very sweet and we might get together for coffee in the near future.

I scored again. I love free cycling!