Monday, February 16, 2009

Anxiety Seem To Follow Me

I have had some really YUCKY stuff happen in my life this past week and I haven't really wanted to share, so I haven't posted or blogged. I still don't want to share what's going on at this point, but wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned blogging. I will share later, just not now, so don't ask.

So, just some tidbits about life, otherwise, about what's going on today:

Spousal Unit tried to go to work this morning. He does not get President's Day off so needed to work. Well, it snowed again last night and was still snowing this morning. We live on a small mountain. The roads are steep. He slid off the mountain and proceeded onto the next town. He came back 30 minutes later. That scared me. He informed me that he did 3, 360 degrees spin outs and decided that going to work wasn't going to work. He had to walk home because the car wouldn't make it up the mountain.

He's lucky that he can work from home when necessary. Of course, when the roads were a little more clear, he headed out again.

He let me know that he would be leaving the office around 4:30 to come home.

He got home and just wanted a hug. A major big hug.

It turns out that thankfully, wisely, he did not take the Autobahn home tonight and chose to take the streets through the little villages and towns. Slower driving.

By the Grace of God.

As he was driving, the driver's side tire fell off.

He didn't have his cell phone. He couldn't call anyone to help.

Luckily, he was able to jack the car and put the tire back on and come home, with his flashers on to drive slowly.

I am following him, with flashers on, tomorrow to the car repair shop.