Friday, February 6, 2009

I Hit The Jackpot. Make That Flowerpot.

I just got back from doing a free cycle run. I put out a request for flower pots and planters. I have a gajizillion of them in storage but did not bring any with me. The prices in the local stores are rather steep, even if I do use a tax refund form.

Anyway, I have been chomping at the bit, since getting back from Southern California, to start planting my seeds for my garden this Spring. I didn't get to have a garden last summer and it really got to me not to have my fresh veggies throughout the Summer.

I have been hitting some of the stores and garden shops, which of course only feeds my early Spring fever. I have been looking at the larger flower pots for putting on my front step. Really pricey. So I haven't bought any yet. I am so glad now that I didn't.

The gal that answered my free cycle request told me to come on down, actually up since she lives in the mountains, to get her pots. She is leaving in a couple of days and needed them all gone.

When she started pulling out the pots I was a little disappointed. Really old cracked plastic planters for window sill. OK, beggars can't be choosers. No problem, I'll take them.

Then she started to pull out really large Italian clay pots. Then some more large clay pots. Some fertilizer, more fertilizer, soil, and to top it all off.... She gave me several of the large clay pots I have been eyeing in the garden shops.

She was really sweet and I hit the Jackpot. Make that Flowerpot.