Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life Is Really Good

Well the adventures continue. As if I ever expect them to stop.

Spousal Unit got us all up, had coffee ready for me and started loading the van. The plan was to get on the road at 6:00am to beat the Monday morning traffic, the Staus (traffic jams) for which Frankfurt is infamous. We all finally pile into the van and take off at 6:15. As we are backing up I notice snow on the windshield. Yup, its snowing and we get to brave Frankfurt traffic.

Actually the drive up wasn’t too bad. Traffic was moderately heavy, but tolerable. We parked and went in separate directions to check in. We met back up and got final hugs and kisses before splitting up again for our flights and having Spousal Unit go back home.

I was able to board the plane in a very timely manner. And then the waiting began. The snow continued to fall and we were unable to push back until the plan was de-iced. The de-icing truck would be arriving in 45 minutes, stated the Captain. The Captain was correct. The de-icing truck did arrive in 45 minutes, but then it needed to de-ice us. So an 1 ½ after we were supposed to push back we finally did. Then we sat in the take off queue for another hour.

Landing 2 ½ hours late in Newark I had to go through Customs. Stood in the line and made it through in a breeze.

I collected my luggage and stood in the other Customs line and again, just had to breeze through. I left to recheck my luggage and found that area. Now luggage-less I look for the train to go to the "A" terminal. An agent directs me to the proper security line and I get in another line. Getting through security I proceed to my gate and sit down. Looking at my watch, wondering why they aren't starting the boarding. I ask a gal sitting next to me if this flight is going to St Louis. "Why no, its going to Orange County."

I panic.

I go to the counter and am told that my gate was changed and I need to go to the "C" terminal.

Running now, I take off and get back on the train and get myself to the "C" terminal. I have to go back through security. I have 7 minutes before the plane takes off. The Security x-ray scanner now wants to have me open my computer bag because she obviously has never seen a floppy drive before. Of course, since floppy drives are dinosaurs of the computer world I have never taken it out of the pocket. It does not want to come out of the pocket. I'm shaking so hard I can't get it out of the pocket. I get it out. She scans it.

I now have 2 minutes.

I run to the gate. Another gate change.

I make it to the correct gate and the door is closed.

I start to beg. Please let me on the flight. The plane hasn't pushed back. Please.

The agent said she couldn't do anything.

A man in the same situation said that another agent was checking to see if he could get on. This agent came back and said that he could get on. I just ran and gave her my boarding pass and got on the plane. Didn't even ask if there was a seat. Got to my seat and it was occupied. "I believe you are in my seat." She got up and I sat down. I made it.

I get to St Louis, proceed to the baggage area and get an unexpected hug. My gal pal is there to pick me up. Life is good.

She then says, "Oh, by the way. Spousal Unit called. The boys are stuck in Newark for an extra 2 hours. Can I call their friend that is picking them up to let him know?"

More panic. I have no cell phone. No numbers to call. We end up calling friends of friends, who call friends and am assured the boys will get a ride. At this point I can only pray.

We get to the house and exhausted I go to bed.

Later I got a phone call from Charlie, son #1, telling me that they arrived safe and sound.

Life is really good.