Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Will Miss The Gal On The Corner

My visit was entirely too short. I really enjoy my time with my SMIL, Ma, and the time has just flown by.

We did a little shopping. I picked up several new outfits, in anticipation of my getting a job when I get back home. Major bargains.

We did the Lowes, Home Depot stops to get some things around the house for her.

We spent today doing yard work. I am continuously amazed about doing yard work in the middle of January. The flowers here are blooming.

Oranges are ripening. The kumquats are also ripening.

Tomorrow I will be boxing up my purchases to take to the Post Office and packing my bags.

We are going to spend the night in San Diego at an airport hotel to avoid the traffic for my Thursday morning early flight.

I will also miss the gal on the corner though, dressed as the Statue of Liberty.