Sunday, January 4, 2009

And True To Form, We Are Missing Socks

One of my Gal Pals emailed me last night and got all, "What's up with all the pictures and no writing"?

Well, taking pictures and just commenting on the photos is a lot quicker to put out a post. I have been really busy, with the boys' visit and have not found a lot of time to just sit down and throw together an actual wordy entry. We have been traveling and getting home late. The boys are also on the 'puter keeping up with their own lives. So lately a lot of pics and not so many words.

To update a little: The visit, thus far, has been very pleasant. I am really enjoying them being here. It is also strange to have the boys about again. Spousal Unit picked the house out for two people to live here. Thus, the house seems to be bulging with people when we are all home.

I am finding that doing laundry for 4 people again is a chore.

The laundry is mountainous. It takes about 3-3 1/2 hours to do a load from start to finish. I love how clean ever thing is, but the time to accomplish the load is so sloooooooooooow.

The machines are both front loaders. The dryer uses extraction for the water rather than a vent for the clothes. There is only one setting that we have found that actually gets the clothes dry. Heavens, some of the controls actually refer to ironing the damp clothes. Iron? What's that???

And, after each load I have to pull out the container and dump the water into the sink. I am still deciphering the controls on the machines.
We also haven't figured out how to do a plain cold water wash. This setting is for 60 degrees Celsius. That's 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Done in an hour and 46 minutes.

And true to form, we are missing socks.