Friday, January 23, 2009

If I Last That Long

I made it home. I am deadbeat tired. I still need to stay up for several more hours so I can get over the jet lag in the shortest time possible.

I got up at 5:00AM Thursday morning for my flight out of San Diego and arrived 9:15AM Friday morning. These old bones are crying for bed. Can't give in just yet. It is 1:17PM right now and I want to make it to 7:00.

Some random thoughts:
  • Spousal Unit was at the airport to pick me up. He seems really glad that I am home. I am really glad to be home. I enjoyed my visits, but it was time to be home.
  • The flights were very timely in their take-offs and landings. No frantic dashing through airports this time around.
  • The weather here is grey and rainy.
  • I miss the San Diego climate already.
  • I do not miss the St Louis artic freeze.
  • I do miss the hot tub.
  • I got to read a couple of books on my flights.
  • The Newark to Frankfurt flight was mostly empty so I had three seats all to myself. I actually got to snooze a little bit.
  • Spousal Unit wanted to go out to dinner tonight. I kinda nixed that idea. I know that I will be flat out jet lagged by then.
  • I figure a salad and cheese fondue will be nice for dinner. If I last that long.