Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy 23rd

Twenty three years ago, today, I was in labor. It was a Friday.

My mom and dad had come to visit with us for Christmas, though Dad had to work on the Friday after the holiday.

I remember that on Christmas day all I hoped for was not to go into labor, because we had just finished Christmas dinner. Our traditional Christmas dinner is baked ham, scalloped potatoes and whatever else we felt like making. Ham and the scalloped potatoes for dinner is a tradition we still continue. It is also my favorite meal.

I was two weeks overdue and the doctors said that if I didn't have the baby during the weekend I would be induced on Monday. I was huge and extremely uncomfortable, really ready to have the baby. I also really really didn't want to be induced for the labor. My Mom had two of her three labors induced and she had said it was very uncomfortable.

Like labor needs to be any more uncomfortable??

Well here we were finishing up a really good dinner and I was happy in my tummy 'cause of the dinner. I just was scared I would start labor on a full stomach. Then, when I walked outside and saw that it was a full moon, I just knew that I would have the baby the next day.

I woke up Friday morning and knew that the labor had started. Dad was up already getting ready to go to work. I told him that he would be a grandfather that day. I got Spousal Unit up and asked him to take a shower. We couldn't go to the hospital with out a shower.

He just looked at me like I am crazy. At times I am a little crazy, with some of my requests. But he showers and we go to the hospital.

Two hours later, the baby is born.

Happy 23rd Birthday Charlie